15th July 2013

Creating Animated Video Backgrounds That Stand Out

How to select the perfect background for whiteboard animation videos!

Explainer videos typically have set styles that not many companies stray away from.  We like to think of ourselves as experts in many of those styles, however we aren’t afraid to jump out of the style box, so to speak.  We pride ourselves on not simply remaking the same video for every client, which is why for our latest explainer video for NextDeal, we made a not-so-typical hand-drawn whiteboard animation video…but without the whiteboard.

We’ve all seen a typical whiteboard animation video with the hand drawing different graphics and texts. But, what about a whiteboard animation video with a cork board? Like the sound of that? Check out the video to see what it looks like:

The biggest question is why?  First, using a cork board background makes this video stand out against its competition.  The cork board and animation together make the video unique and something that not all companies utilize. And, of course, isn’t the point of having a video to make your company stand out?

Second, using a cork board gives the video a more relaxed feel.  Typically cork board are related to scrapbooking or even Pinterest (the online scrapbooking).  Using them in this video gives the company a relaxed and inviting feel, rather than overly corporate and off-putting.

whiteboard animation

Lastly, the video just looks nice with a cork background rather than the white.  Of course we tried both option, but for the product and the video itself, the cork board animation simply worked better for NextDeal.  Some companies it didn’t, but for this one in particular it looks great.

Trying new styles and backgrounds for explanatory videos is very important, especially with ever-changing technology.  So when we create online videos, we like to vary styles, colors, backgrounds, and themes in order to give our clients the best video.


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