30th April 2012

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Stop-Motion Video

Do you ever wonder what it takes to make a stop-motion video? If you’re wondering what stop-motion is in the first place, then you haven’t been reading our blog (tisk tisk). Well you’re in luck, because this photo blog post shows you how designers, producers and cameramen alike work together to make online videos. Now sit back and enjoy this lazy blog post, because it’s mostly pictures!

Using a Canon 60D and Tokina 11-16mm, thestudioteam carefully sets up the “stage” for the images that will appear in the video.

Stop Motion Video

The lighting must be bright and clear without being too harsh or reflective, and the light box must be placed at the right angle to avoid distracting shadows. Here they are preparing the lights and camera for a hand-drawn video; the photographer will take a series of photos of a hand drawing an image to put in sequence.

Stop Motion Video

A light umbrella is used in the production of the video, which helps diffuse the light and spread it evenly over what’s being filmed. The flash connected to the shutter button on the camera provides an intense flash of light just as the camera captures the image.

Stop Motion Video

With everything set up, the shooting begins. It’s pretty cool that with the right equipment, one person can play many different roles in making animated web videos. Here, the camera captures many images of a hand in different positions, which creates the stop motion effect.

Stop Motion Video

A lot goes into making these one-minute videos. Though in the end the final product is short, the process of measuring out the time and accuracy it takes for web video production can be long, because everything must be just right. But, in the end, when you have a strong production team, the whole process becomes smooth and stress-free. If you’re interested in a stop-motion video, now you have had an exclusive backstage pass to see what goes into the magic..tell your friends. Here is it in action:

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