29th May 2013

Why Animated Videos are so Effective Online

How Animated Videos convey your message better than live action videos

Animated video has become quite popular in online marketing and offer many advantages over live action videos. There are lots of practical benefits to animated videos, but mostly, they’re just plain cool. Animated video gives you a high degree of flexibility and creative ownership that you just can’t get with live action videos. Don’t believe us? Then read on for some basic reasons why animated videos are cooler and convey your message better than live action videos.

1. More interesting characters
When you make an animated video, you have the opportunity to create bizarre and interesting characters that could never exist in real life. Animated characters can be relatable, sympathetic, edgy, and best of all, can be targeted directly to the audience your video is intended to reach. We made this guy…you just can’t get this in live action (or can you?).

Animated Video

2. Animation can be edgy
When dealing with certain topics, you need to be careful about phrasing and word choice. When using an animated character, you have a bit more wiggle room. For some reason, people are more accepting and understanding of uncomfortable things coming from characters rather than if they are actors, so difficult topics are better conveyed by an animated character. Remember Smokey the Bear? Definitely not available in live action.

Animated Video

3. Less distracting
Your animated character doesn’t have to worry about prejudice, stereotypes, or distracting features that live actors might have. This leaves more time and energy to be spent focusing on your video production and not necessarily the person conveying it.

4. Color palette
The huge color palette that can be utilized in animation simply does not exist in the live action world. Color is able to set a mood and drive a theme in the right direction.There are a lot of subconscious observations our brains make based solely on color tones and those observations are directly related to our moods and feelings.

Aside from these reasons, animation just continues to remain cool and creative. The flexibility involved with animation makes it the clear choice for all sorts of online videos, which is why its our preferred way to make online video commercials!

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