15th March 2012

Who Does the Talking? Giving Your Video a Voice

As we take you through the steps of how to make online videos that will knock the socks off your competition, another important choice to make with your online video production company is what kind of voice your video will have. This means who does the talking, and here’s a hint: it’s probably not you. So for now, let us do the talking as we go over the two basic options for adding voice to your video: voice-over or presenter. Let’s dissect.

Voice-over: When you decide to use the video techniques of whiteboard, motion graphics and/or animation, a voice-over helps to tell the story. Typically a professional voice-over actor explains, cajoles, and convinces you about all the good stuff while the action happens on the screen. The overall aim of the voice-over is to narrate the story of your product, site or service.

Insider Tips: Using different vocal ranges can help break up the content. Appropriate sound effects and music will help keep the viewer engaged. Listen to the tone and style of the voice; if you want a B2C video then use a friendly, comfortable voice that consumers will listen to. If you want more of a sales push, use a more stern, straight-forward sales voice that will get your point across.

Presenters: A video technique in itself, presenters are usually professional actors who appear in person to tell the story of your company, service or product. This option has more of a sales-push, so if you are gung-ho on selling your product, consider using this a live person. The person must be somewhat attractive and dressed well. If this is a professional video, then the person should wear a suit; if it is for consumers, then the person can be dressed more casually.

See? She’s already got you in the palm of her hand.

Insider Tips: Make sure you understand your consumer-base so you know exactly how to appeal to them and what kind of presenter to choose. Make sure she or he has a clear, concise script, as well as a friendly, trusting attitude. Add music and sound effects that match your product, as well as motion graphics and 3D effects to make the overall video more engaging.

Video production online can be a complicated venture, and in this market you must get it right. Who does the talking in your video is essential, because that voice represents your company, and consumers will respond depending on how well it speaks to them. Using a flat, monotone voice will not grab the attention of your viewers, so make sure you choose a friendly sounding person, and appropriately decide between and male and female voices. In the end you want a voice or a person that your consumer-base will happily sit there and listen to or watch.

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