26th June 2019

What To Look For When Hiring An Animation Agency

When it comes to outsourcing any type of work for your company a certain set of skills is automatically required to fill these boxes. But when hiring for Animation, we are dealing with a whole different set of talent, preparation and timeline. For that reason we have created questions you should ask yourself to help you look for an Animation agency. These questions, not only will guide you in finding the right fit, but it will also give you some insight on how outsourcing Animation specialists can benefit you immensely if you do your homework.


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Geographical Location: Although we are connected through pretty much any technological device 24/7, there could be a lot of confusion with the back and forth of miscommunication, time zone and scheduling. It can be quite frustrating when you can’t get your idea across, nothing beats a face-to-face interaction. Many production houses today have offices in major cities, so it might be worth inquiring within. For example, Revolution Productions has offices in Houston, Texas and London, England.


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The Agencies Website – Questions to ask:


1.) What type of Animations do they offer? 


  • 2D Animation 
  • Whiteboard Animation 
  • 3D Animation 
  • Motion Graphics 
  • Stop Motion Animation


2.) Who have they worked with?


3.) Do you like their client list?

4.) Ask for a Portfolio and Showreel


5.) What is the voice over quality like?


6.) How does their social media look like, is it constantly updated?


7.) What is the company motto?


8.) How many videos has the agency made?


9.) Do you like their style?   


10.) Do they specialize in any type of content? 


  • Marketing 
  • Commercial 
  • Corporate 
  • Explainer 
  • Branded Entertainment 
  • Music


Awards & Articles: Are they in the circuit for awards, have they been featured in magazines, websites, newspapers?


Did you know: 78% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads?


Quality versus Deadline: Can they deliver quality in the deadline proposed?


Did you know: 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound?


Return Customers, Word of Mouth & References: How professional  and available are they making themselves for your project? Do companies work with them more than once?


Did you know: 70% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building a good relationship with them?


Comparing Budgets: Before you call in with a notion to get a quote, it is always worth having a little more to offer the agency besides that one line pitch. Agencies can ball-park it but they can’t do miracles when it comes to budgets, you have to be prepared to offer them details.


Did you know: 90% of viewers say that product videos are helpful in the decision process?


When in doubt go onto their SiteMap Pages or their FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Page): It is the quickest way to get your general answers and overall idea of the agency at one look.


Employees feedback: Probably one that no one really looks at but could be  just as important as the rest. A good environment has a greater chance to have happier workers, meaning a better, more creative and productive setting which will most likely benefit you as well.


Did you know: Glassdoor offers transparency and a growing database of reports and reviews: so far it has over 49 million reviews, salaries and insights.


Where can you find them Animation agencies:





For your next Animation, will you be following these guidelines?



















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