13th November 2013

What is the Most Critical Factor in Video Production

Have you ever wondered what is the most important component in producing an effective video?  We did too.  That’s why we asked video experts and influencers to help us figure it out in just one word.  We asked, “In one phrase, what do you think matters most for online video? ie: title, script or where you promote it”

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This is what we found.

GoAnimate said, “@JoinRevolution Great question! Depends on the video’s purpose, but essentially you need to entertain or inform.”

Tech writer, Adam Wilt told us “@JoinRevolution “Value for time spent“: online video must be worth the bother of clicking, waiting for buffering, spending real time watching.”

ProVideo said “content!”

Founder of Clearsketch, Brandon Hoe said, “Know who your target audience is and understand what resonates with them, then frame your message within that context while remaining authentic to who you are as a company.”

UK-based video production company, Spectrecom told us that the most valuable aspect to video is “Insight.

Teddy Mafia, online media experts said, “Relevant content & time. Don’t make videos too unnecessarily long. No one complains about videos being too short, only long.”

WeVideo joined in to say, “All 3! A good title helps users click for the first time. The script is the backbone of the video and promotion is key!”

Seth Baum responded to us on Quora that the “script” is key to a video’s success.

Wonderful Creative agency said that a video must, “captivate,” the viewers.

Debbie Irwin from Debbie Irwin Voiceovers, told us that the “allure,” of video was most critical.


After serving over 50 video experts, we found the most important aspect to creating a great video is…script!

And we couldn’t agree more.  We wrote a blog about the basics of script writing because your script must be solid, with no superfluous text, and relatable to your target market.

We’re you surprised? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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