30th August 2013

Video Marketing with VidYard App for Hootsuite

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but online video is becoming the way we digest content these days. Did you know that 22% of social media users regularly incorporate video into their posts? With mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, there has been double the engagement of video usage on mobile devices.  In order to retain users, platforms and web applications are rushing to keep ahead of the game and incorporate video to their offerings. Today we wanted to feature Hootsuite, the social media management platform which has recently incorporated the wonderful web video marketing app, VidYard to their offerings.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, we see a lot of potential with two platforms combining as one. This creates easier video integration, and with the seven million active users on Hootsuite, this should result in more video uploads and shares. With the integration of Vidyard, users are able to manage, share, and analyze videos within one social-sharing platform. What will your marketing team experience with the new integration?

Watch how it works here:

“Never before has something like this been available for social teams and it is going to disrupt the way social marketers select and share video content dramatically.”  Mark Litt, Co-Founder of Vidyard

Now on Hootsuite users can access their video library and reduce the necessity for continual uploads of videos from one platform to the next. The most value of this social-content combo is that marketers can analyze users’ engagement on their videos, allowing room for tailoring and marketing perfection.

You must create a subscription with Vidyard in order to use it’s application. Once you do, you can download the app in the Hootsuite app directory.


We love to discover and utilize new products and apps that make our lives simpler. Once you try the new Vidyard, you’ll understand why we are swooning over the integration.




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