25th March 2014

The Benefits of a Demo Video

There are a number of different ways to communicate your value proposition to current or potential customers through a demo video.

Demo videos are a terrific method for conveying how your product or service works, and it can be beneficial and in many cases, they use animation to break down the concept behind their offering. However, they may or may not actually show the product or service in action depending on what the offering is.

If your company is offering a software tool or if your website is your offering in and of itself, a mini-demonstration could be the best way to introduce your value to the audience.  We recently produced a great video for Bigstock, which provides over 17 million photos, illustrations and vectors.  This demo video not only presents the company’s value proposition but also walks viewers through a demonstration of how easy their website is to use.

After setting up the problem that Bigstock helps you solve, the character in the video goes to their website and the audience is able to see the real results provided by the website.

The audience is able to watch as results are generated for his search query, and can see that there are 5,280 results of stock photos for the term “space rocket”.  In a short time, after demonstrating the results for some similar searches, our hero finds the image he wants to use.

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Rich moved from Austin, Texas to Buenos Aires in 2008 to bring over eight years of business acumen to Revolution Productions. As the first point of contact, he is able to assess a client’s needs in order to recommend the most powerful animation style for portraying the desired message. When he isn’t facilitating continued growth of the company, he’s practicing his pop & lock and up rock.

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