25th June 2012

Storyboarding Round Two: The How-To Blog Post

Last week we discussed what storyboarding is and from where it came.. So this week, let’s talk about how you actually go about putting together a storyboard for your product or service explainer video. There are many different ways to go about this process, but since this is a blog post, I’m going to keep is nice and short for you. I mean the last thing you want is me rambling on and on and on… This probably reminds you a bit of whiteboard animation, yeah me too. So here we go!

    1. 1. Development: Step number one is development, and this is of utmost importance. Before doodling on your boards, you have to visualize your concept. Do this first! OK? Don’t make me tell you twice. Once you have a good idea of what you want to do, write a script. Make sure you are set on your ideas, not wavering between two ideas or debating. This needs to be nice and tight!


    1. 2. Creation: In this step, decide what storyboard panels to use and break down your script into shots. First the man knocks on the door, then the woman opens the door, then the man goes into the room, etc etc. Need I go on? You’re not actually writing on the board yet… that’s step 3 eager beaver, but this step gets you all organized before you move on to….


  1. 3. Boarding! You’re almost done it! In this step you are going to draw what you already laid out in step two. In this step you can also polish and review your boards before presenting them to a client, friends, family, no one..whoever really.

See how easy that was! You can storyboard yourself or just leave it to your web video production company. But if you’re feeling artistic, why not give it a shot?

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