28th October 2013

Simplify your Video Message with Imagery

Today we want to show you how easy and effective it can be to use simple imagery in your video. To do this, we’re going to introduce you to our newest client ClaimShuttle. ClaimShuttle is an online service that makes it easy and cheap to submit and track health care claims. Rather than trying to sift through all of the information yourself, ClaimShuttle allows you to hop aboard their service and take the express lane to organizing health care claims. Have you figured out what image we are trying to convey for this service? We know you’ve probably figured out where we are going with this, but check out the video below to see how we used imagery:

Images are powerful and convey a message effectively. We understand that not every image is this easy to tie to a company name and build a cohesive narrative around. Sometimes it takes a little more creativity and outside the box thinking. But, when it is–run with it. What’s an easier and more cost effective means of transportation than a shuttle?

claim shuttle

Not everyone can identify with filing health care claims, and it can be a daunting task, particularly for newcomers. Yet, everyone can identify with transportation. Once the two characters hopped on the shuttle, everything was handed to them or done for them, just like the service it provides. ClaimShuttle wants the viewer of the video to understands that all of their health care claim needs will be attended to once a customer signs up for the service.

When making a web video, some elements are more important than others depending on the product. For, ClaimShuttle, using a relatable image to explain how to approach daunting task was not only sensible but also effective.


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