19th July 2012

How Younger Generations Use Video

#Waywire, the self-proclaimed “social artery for video news” is the latest trend to hit the video web. This site, which is set to launch in beta mode without advertising this summer, is a video news network that targets Generation Y. The name purposely includes a hashtag to promote the fact that it focuses on social media. #Waywire wants to provide youngsters with a social platform to encourage them to stay abreast of the latest news and participate in ongoing debates.

So, why do we care? Well first off, this site has some celebrity backers such as Oprah and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner. Second, #waywire was co-founded by mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Cory Booker. And third, once #waywire launches and especially when it includes advertising, this will change the way we use videos for marketing.


If #waywire is as successful as it seemingly will be, web video advertising will be revolutionized for Generation Y. Now, we don’t want any companies using this power for evil aka marketing things to the youth that should not be marketed to the youth. However, this is a whole new way for brands to reach a new demographic through video.

Let’s face it, the antiquated news outlets do not appeal to Generation Y. The way Generation X watches and gets their news is not the same as their kids. So #waywire saw that gap and is now attempting to fill it. This New York-based startup has landed $1.75 million in funding and continues to find investors, which makes us think brands should watch out for when they offer ads.

Especially if your brand is marketed to Generation Y, a video is a good idea. And now, if #waywire takes off, you will have another place to put your fantastic explanatory video.

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