4th March 2013

How to Set the Right Tone in a Social Cause Video

Do you think we only make online videos for products or services?  Well, guess what, we can do even more than that!  This week we worked on an explainer video for a social movement.  And we composed the music!  Hearts, a fashion movement seeking to change consumer behavior, looked to our video productions skills to powerfully depict why this movement is so important.  Let’s take a look.

This is a different type of video, as it seeks to create social change, instead of simply explaining a product of service.  That is where the impact of using composed music, instead of a voice over, comes in.

not for profit video

We composed a track for this video, because we knew that as you watched the video, the music set the tone and the mood.  For example, when we explain how there are over 200 million child laborers making clothes, the music becomes darker and sadder to show the strife and unhappiness of the children.

And then, it opens up to change.

video for a cause

When the change arrives, the music changes.  Not only that, but your mood should have changed as well — to something more hopeful and optimistic.  We purposely change our music when introducing the client, as that can have big impacts on the viewer’s mood and outlook.

Many organizations seek to make viral videos to showcase their importance.  And especially after the powerful Kony 2012 video, it is a great way to get the public to latch onto a movement.  Showing, rather than only telling, why change or support for a cause is necessary can impact the public more and get them to act.

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