24th December 2012

Forward Tutoring: How we Simplified their Message with Online Video

Students, tutors, organizers, listen up! Our latest explainer video is for Forward Tutoring, an organization that links up tutors, students, and volunteer organizers. This amazing site is a bit complicated, so…good guess, we created their online video. Check it out:

Take a look at our three characters: Ben, Hannah, and Erica. Ben and Hannah are typical students, while Erica is our professional, so we made her look a bit older and gave her glasses.

Forward Tutoring

Now, what makes this offering unique is that these three people all need each other and can help each other. Hannah will tutor Ben, who will volunteer for Erica, who will certify and offer scholarship opportunities to Hannah. Pretty amazing, right?

Forward Tutoring

Take a look at our color scheme in this video. Not only do we use overlapping colors (i.e.: Hannah’s hair color is the same as Ben’s background color), but we make sure to keep them in the color family of the client’s logo. Why? Because we always want to brand, brand, brand! Our colors allow the viewer to realize that these three characters all go together, creating a helpful loop!

We always wants to make sure our clients’ products are shown clearly and positively. In this video, we use upbeat music because, in the end, everyone wins with Forward Tutoring! We keep the video light and fun with vibrant colors to appeal to all three types of characters: ones that need tutoring, ones that need volunteers, and ones that need certifications and application materials.

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