4th June 2012

What Titanic and the Active Day Trader Have In Common

We just finished yet another fantastic explanatory video, and I know what you’re thinking: How Do They Do It? Yeah, we’re that good. This week we worked with EquityFeed, the world’s number one real-time platform for retail traders and day traders. Before I explain EquityFeed more, check out the video (I mean that’s what it’s here for, right):

As you can see, this video is tailored to active traders, because it explains the frustrations and pitfalls of trying to find profitable stocks in a competitive market. Anyone who has seen Titanic understands the concept of an iceberg. Or, I suppose we learned this in school too. You can see part of it, but there is so much hidden that you are not seeing. Now, instead of having catastrophic results like the Titanic, get in a submarine and put on some scuba gear like the trader did in the video.


In a submarine or as a scuba diver, you can see everything underneath the surface! And that is what EquityFeed can offer you – a more comprehensive look at the market. Get in the submarine! Get that scuba suit on! Get unrivaled market transparency so you can capitalize on active stocks before other people. And guess what? It’s free to start. That’s right, I said free.

We always stress how important concepts are in an online video for marketing, and this can really be seen in this business web video. By using the concept of an iceberg, the viewer (that’s you!) can easily understand what they are missing: whatever is under the iceberg. So, make sure to discuss your concept thoroughly with your web video production company, because you need a killer concept!

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