3rd June 2013

How to Target your Desired Market with Video

We just made another great corporate video for one of our clients, Americord, a family cord blood bank that harvests stem cells from umbilical cord blood. Americord is one of the fastest growing cord blood and cord tissue banks in the US. Take a look at what we did for them:

Why would Americord need a corporate video from us? Well, the company wanted a target video that would specifically target expecting families who were fairly knowledgeable in umbilical cord storage already. Since it is a sensitive subject, and another decision to make for expecting parents, Americord

wanted to create a simple and clear video that gently reached out to the expectant families.

In order to meet our client’s needs we wanted to use a unique corporate video that would engage users without a lot of draining details, only the message. As you can see, we used our minimalist shaped, 3D animation characters to target all expectant families. By incorporating geometric shapes and nurturing music, we were able to create a soft and inviting message from the company. This especially appeals to mothers, which is ideal for Americord.

Once we had our characters and messaging for our target video to appeal to our target market, we put in clear messaging that made it easy for viewers to decide if they want to use Americord. With such a sensitive subject, as a corporate video production company, we must be extremely careful not to offend anyone. As you can see, we delicately explain the subject and how it can most benefit the family.

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