4th January 2013

Video Editing Application: Revolution Productions Reviews Givit

We’ve heard mixed reviews about Twitter and video. Sometimes it’s that viewers watch longer videos on Twitter, and other times is that’s viewers hate having to be redirected to watch videos, so would rather use another social media site. Well, video editing application, Givit, wants to “put an end to boring videos” according to their site and make use of social media giant Twitter.

According to TechCrunch, Givit’s iPhone application not only allows users to edit their videos, but it has improved relations with Twitter:

Givit has integrated with Twitter to enable users to send videos directly to the social network — but it’s gone a step further than most video apps, by taking advantage of Twitter Cards. The integration will let viewers watch videos edited on the app to be viewed in-line directly through the Twitter website or apps.

video editing app

So, will Givit be the new “IT” video editing application? We’re not so sure.

While the unique concept should push this video application to the forefront of video editing tools, the kinks don’t seem to have been worked out quite yet. After clicking on the community forum on the tool’s website, we see that users have a lot of issues with playing videos and playing sound. However, the website is fairly quick to respond to user’s complaints, which is very helpful when it comes to video.

In the end, if this tool can work out the kinks, we think it can be a great web video editing application, especially with its Twitter integration, so check it out.

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