15th May 2013

Adobe Anywhere: The New Video Production Asset

Video production teams rejoice! There’s a new collaboration tool in town that enables geographically dispersed teams to share video production tools regardless of their location. No more waiting hours to upload videos or losing valuable time working restrictedly on important projects. Adobe’s launch of Adobe Anywhere aims to allow companies to log, edit, share, and finish media simultaneously from virtually any location.

Adobe Anywhere was announced at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas last week and is designed to support a variety of Adobe video production tools including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Prelude. It’s important to note that you do need to have the latest version of Adobe software in order to use this platform for your online video marketing needs.

Adobe Anywhere

The tool uses two main components: Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine and Adobe Anywhere Collaboration Hub. The streaming engine is what will help eliminate those tedious, lengthy uploads while the Collaboration Hub will enable multiple people to work on a project simultaneously.

Jim Gerald, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Adobe, points out the importance of creating video content teams regardless of location, “Adobe Anywhere allows these companies to build the best teams based on talent, not location, meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry, and reduce overall cost.” Also, due to the continuous dramatic changes in the video industry, many broadcasters and other large-scale content production organizations are researching simpler, more cost-effective ways to increase production and collaboration across distributed teams.

The spring launch of Adobe Anywhere is an exciting improvement for video production companies everywhere, even though it does have some limitations. You must have the latest Adobe software and use all Adobe software, but if you are an Adobe shop it’s the perfect addition to your team. We are excited to see how this latest update will impact Internet video marketing. Have experience with Adobe Anywhere? Send us your thoughts!

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