19th November 2012

How we Captivated Musicians with a Targeted Explanatory Video

Do you love music? Are you a musician? Well then this week’s blog post is for YOU! Our client, Official.FM, is awesome. It allows musicians to sell their music online with no upfront costs or profit-sharing. Music lovers can buy their songs, and then the musicians keep the profits. Too good to be true? Check out how it works:

This explainer video is different from many of our others, because of the target, which is musicians and music lovers. Since that is our target, we definitely don’t keep the video in black and white, but instead we sprinkle it with lots of color.

Music Online

We keep our main character casual, in jeans and a sweatshirt, not in a three-piece suit, because we want him to appeal to other musicians. And do you see yourself in the crowd below:

music online

I know I do, though I don’t have green hair. Music lovers are such an eclectic mix, which is why we make all different types of people buying the music on the site. Pretty cool, right?

This video was really fun to make, and Official.FM chose our video production services because we know how to mix it up. Other video production websites might not delve as much into the target, but, as you can see in our awesome video, we do! So, if you have music to sell or music to buy, check out Official.FM and jam out!

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