28th January 2013

Video Statistics: Why you need Online Video for your Business

video statistics

If we didn’t push you enough to want an online video, this blog post seeks to push you even more. It’s time for another blog of video statistics that will send you running to your computer, to us, or to your techie friend to create your own online videos.

So let’s look at some stats! All statistics below are from comScore, Inc’s Video Matrix.

How Many of us are Watching:

  • 182 million of U.S. Internet users watched video content online
  • 89 percent of the U.S. population saw an online video in December
  • Over 53 percent of the U.S. population saw a video ad in December

These stats indicate that almost everyone is watching some video content online. While it’s true that only half of Americans are watching ads, that is still over half of the population that you can reach using an online video ad.

How Much are We Watching:

  • The duration of online video was 5:24, with the average video advertisement length of 0.15 seconds
  • The frequency of ads per viewer increased from 46 to 70 in one year

We are watching longer and longer videos! This number is increasing, which means that you may be able to stretch your online video content — if, and only if, you have a lot to say. Don’t make it longer just to make it longer; video viewers can still get bored!

Where are We Watching

  • Google Sites was ranked number one in the category of unique viewers for general online video content. The site had 153 million unique viewers in December. Facebook was in second place attracting 58.7 million viewers

Of course we are still watching on YouTube, but Facebook is increasing every month. Make sure your video content is available on all sources, so that you don’t miss out.

And what about Ads?

  • The number of video advertisements in December increased 59 percent to 11.3 billion
  • The total ad minutes increased 36 percent to 4.1 million minutes
  • Ads accounted for over 22 percent of all videos viewed last year

What is this saying? If you don’t have a video ad, get one. Because your competition probably does.

Alright, now you know a lot more about our video-watching habits, are you ready for your video? If you need a little help along the way, send us a note, an email, a tweet, a poke, whatever you want — we can help you figure out what video is best for you.

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