25th July 2012

Huffington Post Goes to Video

The Huffington Post is launching HuffPost Live on August 13th, and, as you can see by this countdown, the publication is pretty excited. HuffPost Live will be a full-day online video network that will not compete with television news, but rather emphasize commentary, rather than news reporting. HuffPost Live will have 12 hours of commentary every weekday and then highlights on weekends and after hours.

Huffington Post

So, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then you’re thinking…Why? Why are you doing this HuffPo? Arianna Huffington apparently hired a 100-person newsroom for the network, which boasts players formerly at CNN and ABC. Why all the fuss?

Because video is awesome! Video is growing! And Arianna, we are glad you jumped on board! According to eMarketer, video is the fastest growing category of online advertising: Video grew 42.1% last year and expected to grow 54.7% this year. Now normally we promote having a 2-minute introductory video, so we’re not saying try to launch your own network (you’re no Arianna Huffington), but this is a great idea.

Huffington Post

And HuffPost Live is going to use YOU! The network is asking for viewers to share their videos, because then you could possibly be chosen to be an on-air commentator. And! The site will not interrupt its broadcast for commercial breaks, but rather use sponsors and have their brand embedded into the broadcast. So for all you videographers and hosts out there, submit your talent — you may be featured on HuffPost Live!

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