3rd May 2013

How to Use Emotion in Explainer Videos

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Emotion

When making an explainer video, there’s plenty of different things to consider, and one important aspect is how you use emotion. This may not seem like the most important point, but it does affect how your viewers connect to your video. But, using emotion in the wrong way can anger viewers and have people clicking off your video. So, if you are going to use emotion, check out our do’s and don’ts before you make us all cry.

Do: Make your explainer video exciting and captivating
You have a relatively short period of time to impress your viewer and hold their attention. In order to accomplish your goals, it’s important that the video is upbeat and exciting enough to truly engage the person watching and hold their attention until your call to action.

Don’t: Be overdramatic and use emotion inappropriately
This may sound like the opposite of what we just said, but there’s a fine line between holding the viewer’s attention and being overdramatic. If the product you’re trying to sell is computer software, don’t tell us to get up and revolt. Revolt against what? Unless we’re protesting something serious, don’t get us all up in arms. If it’s computer software, we should all stay calm.

Do: Let your enthusiasm for your product shine through
This is the product you have put so many long nights into and have now come to love. Make your viewers feel the same about it! Its easy to tell when someone is actually passionate about a project or product, and it makes the viewer feel more comfortable and trusting of your product.

Don’t: Be boring
The worst thing in the world is sitting through a boring video with a live presenter just talking. It gives your product a bad first impression and makes your call to action an uphill battle. This means limited technical jargon, no huge blocks of text, and absolutely no monotone voices!

Do: Be Careful with Humor
You know when you tell a joke and you’re the only one laughing? Well, imagine that on your online videos. Some things that are funny to you are offensive to others, so be careful when telling jokes. When done right, however, jokes can warm up the audience and make them more receptive to your message.

Playing on emotion can be tricky – and there’s a fine line between excitement and over-the-top passion. Having a friend watch your video when it’s done can help, especially if you think you may be too excited about your product.

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