18th November 2013

How to Tell your Company’s Story with the Logo

When you finally decide on the logo for your company, in most cases, your decision will represent, whether abstract or literal, a glimpse of what your company stands for. This can just be a font for your company name or even a brand symbol. Another way to reiterate what your company’s brand means or stands for is by incorporating your brand symbol in your introductory web video. Not only does this promote your brand, but it also adds personality to the name of your company.

Recently we produced a cartoon animation video for BullGuard, Internet security and antivirus software. Their brand symbol and even company title took the literal approach by using a bulldog to protect or guard you on the Internet.

As you noticed in the video, we used the bulldog to represent the company by creating a scenario for viewers to relate to. After watching this, did you feel more connected to the brand?  Not every company’s brand symbol takes a literal approach, check out how we incorporated the branding symbol for Americord.

Why Would your Company use a Logo?

Incorporating your logo into your explainer video offers numerous benefits, such as reiterating your brand and even sharing the inside story about what this image means to you. With BullGuard, we felt that bringing the bulldog logo as the main character in the video was a great way to bring what their business stands for to life.

When using your logo in a video, you must be careful to not overuse it in a way that may seem salesy or pushy. The idea is bring your story to life, not to bombard your viewers. So if you’re interested in bringing your brand to life, then give us a call and then let the fun begin!

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