18th February 2014

Video Solutions for Intangible Products and Services

More and more products are online or software, which can be hard to explain, which is why Revolution Productions offers unique video solutions that easily break down complex ideas or products into something that is easy for viewers to grasp.

At the same time, videos offer the imagery and engagement factors that capture the viewers’ interests and even encourage them to seek out more about the company. But the question is – how do videos engage viewers with a product that they can not see?

Video Solutions Offer a Tailored Experience.

Whether your business offers cloud-based services, security, software, etc., videos are tailored to create an experience for the viewers; an experience that will make the viewer visualize how your concept relates them. To show you what we mean, meet our recent client, Teledyne. Teledyne is an out-of-this-world (literally) satellite modem company whose purpose is to offer more efficient network connections for businesses. Now, let’s say you need to know more facts about the service and structure of the network capabilities. We can either explain to you in a very lengthy paragraph below or show you with the whiteboard animation video we produced for them.

We clearly chose the latter.

You can’t see their service, so we created a scenario to guide viewers through an experience of the product. This is a clever technique that demonstrates to viewers how the service will fit into their business and/or lives. For Teledyne, we created visuals outside of the earth and focused on how their satellite modems work to produce efficient network access. Not only is it interesting, but it gives the viewers an idea of what sets their products apart from the rest.

Video solutions for products you can't see - Teledyne technologies

If your company faces a similar problem then remember to take the explaining away of the actual product and try to demonstrate how it works in a scenario or maybe even from another planet! If you think one of our video solutions maybe right for your company, feel free to ask away in our comments sections!

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Rich moved from Austin, Texas to Buenos Aires in 2008 to bring over eight years of business acumen to Revolution Productions. As the first point of contact, he is able to assess a client’s needs in order to recommend the most powerful animation style for portraying the desired message. When he isn’t facilitating continued growth of the company, he’s practicing his pop & lock and up rock.

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