23rd November 2012

How to Choose Music for your Explainer Video

Appropriately choosing music that applies to your explanatory video can be tricky, we know! You don’t want to distract too much from the visuals or overwhelm the viewer with the wrong sounds. Your goal is to supplement the images and still convey your message with the right music. Sound is a subtle, but important, tool to set the mood in your video.

The purpose and content of your video determines what type of music you choose to correspond with your footage. You need to add music that matches the pace and rhythm of your video, as well as supports the important moments. The music shouldn’t be the focus of your final product, but more to enhance the mood and tone that the images already convey.

Music for Explainer Video

Our advice on how to select music for your online video:

  • If your brand is keeping a more professional, business-like tone, then you might want to choose a melody that is basic and pleasant.
  • If you are taking a more informal stance, your music can be entertaining and more light-hearted.
  • Throughout your video, you can change the tone just through the sounds. (For example, you can start off with a simple piano piece to introduce your product or service, and then slip into a higher, upbeat tempo to engage the viewer.)

One important thing is that you don’t want the song or sound to blast over your voice track. You want the music to be loud enough, but not too intrusive. You have many options when it comes to music selection, but just be aware that it affects the message of your video just as much as the visuals.

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