29th January 2016

How to Create Explainer Videos Aligned with the Sales Funnel

Sales funnel

No matter if your company is B2B or B2C, you probably have some sort of sales funnel set up to push a prospect down to becoming a client. Depending on your company, your sales funnel could be more or less complicated, but the basic idea is the same: Take an unknown person who could use your product and make them a long-lasting client.

One way to push this person down the sales funnel is through video, but it’s important to align each video correctly with the sales funnel or risk losing a potential customer.

Taking a basic three-level sales funnel, we can discuss which types of videos will appeal to each group and how they will be pushed down towards becoming a client.

sales funnel

At the top of the funnel are people who are aware of a problem that your company can solve for them. They are not aware of your company yet, but they are realizing they need services like yours. Here is where we see a lot of really great explainer videos. Businesses have done a great job of creating a “What is (Company)” video explaining basic offerings.

Here is our video explaining our company and why it can benefit a potential customer:


Other video content for top of the funnel could be an interview with the founder, webinar content (shortened), or any quick introductory piece that can entice a person who has never heard about your company to learn more.

Most B2B companies have mastered the top of the funnel video, but what about videos for potential customers further down in the sales funnel?

This is where many companies unfortunately turn to text or PPT, but videos can be extremely effective at these levels as well.

At the mid-level in the sales funnel, people are aware of the problem they have and they are aware of your company, so what they need now are videos that go into more detail of your product or service. They are weighing you against their competition, and the right video might just tip them in your favor.


Create videos such as:

  • A series of detailed product videos. Especially if your software is complicated, break it up into a video series to better educate the consumer.
  • Founder or CEO video discussing what it’s like to work with you. A more personalized approach to help the potential customer get a feel for your company.
  • Videos that promote capabilities that your competition does not have. Not that you want to directly say you’re a better option than X, but mentioning features you have that they do not can help sway the potential buyer.

At the bottom of the sales funnel you’re really close to getting a client; you need one last push to get that person to buy. At this point the person has chosen you as the provider of whichever service you offer, but they have not yet completed the purchase.


At this stage videos can push the wavering person over to a customer. Create videos such as:

  • Short promotional pieces that reinforce why your product is the best and offer a small discount in your call to action.
  • Personalized video that targets the potential customer on a more individual level.
  • A video FAQ that calms worries that all close buyers have about your product (you can discuss why the high price is a good investment, etc).

Creating a video for each sales funnel level helps bring in more final clients (and keep them as long-lasting clients). And especially since mid-level and bottom of the funnel videos are a rarity for now, your brand can take advantage of this gap in the market to snag new customers.

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