18th December 2013

5 Video Production Tips from the Video Experts

How to produce web video

We’ve made a lot of explainer videos…I mean a lot.  From tricky software to video games, we’ve seen it all, which has allowed us to learn a lot along the way.  And now, we’d like to share that knowledge with our biggest fans. Without further ado, here’s 5 expert tips for making awesome demo videos for your business.

Relate to your Audience

Whether you’re a new business or have been around a long time, it’s necessary to tailor your message for your audience’s needs. A truly successful video will find ways to make your viewer’s feel that this video understands their needs. A great strategy of ensuring that your video does relate to your customers is to put yourself in their shoes. Try to imagine how they would explain your product to a friend or even where they would talk about this. By visualizing the scenario, you will be able to create a video concept that will appeal to your target market.

Here’s a great example of a targeted video that we produced for MissNowMrs.com


Simple is as Simple Does


This is often the very basis of why our videos are so successful. Simplicity sells. We understand that your business has a lot of amazing features, but you need to edit your video down to the most critical details in order to create a simple concept. How do we do it? A great way to simplify your message is by answering these three critical questions:


1. What is the video for? (Promotional, Introduction, new feature, product, internal use)


2. What information must your viewers retrieve from the video?


3. What do you want the viewers to do next?


One of the biggest mistakes that we come across with companies is that they want to give too much information. Organizing your thoughts will help you to establish a clear and direct concept of what your video will become before you produce it. Although, there are times when explaining your product isn’t simple. When that happens, just give us a call.




The script is the the nucleus of the online video production operation. No matter what actors, effects, characters, cartoons, etc. that you include in your video, it’s going to be the script that will seals the deal.  How do you produce an award winning script?


Once you have thought about your audience’s interests and determine the type of video that you want to produce, then you can be rest assured that your script will easily come together. Typically we suggest to write down your ideas, read them out loud, and modify until the script seems to come to full circle. Also, create a checklist to make sure that your script:


+Has a call to action


+Relates to your target audience


+Is fluid and easy to understand


+Isn’t boring


Listen closely to the script for the video we produced for PIEmatrix:

To ensure that your script is effective, we recommend to read the script to your peers while having them fill out a questionnaire with your (above) video checklist. Feedback is the only way to know if your script is truly effective.

Here’s an informative blog on script writing:  The Basics of Online Video Script Writing

Production Strategy

If you haven’t noticed yet, the ingredients to a great online video involves a lot of editing, questions, talking to yourself, and of course organization! One of the most important details we have learned over the years is how to save time and we do so by creating a production strategy. What exactly is it?  This is the outline that will organize each step of your video production process.

Here’s more information on creating a production strategy:  How to Create a Production Strategy for your Next Video.

Launch Plan

Most business get pretty excited when their video is complete. So excited that they just post their video onto YouTube or Facebook and then receive a total 15 views. How could that be? A good rule of thumb to remember is that no one cares about your video unless you tell them to care. That’s why you need to create a launch plan. You must create hype for the video in order to intrigue viewers to watch it. Think about how movie trailers work; they’re a little teaser of what will come next. Before creating a launch plan, make sure to complete this checklist.

+Research additional video hosts such as Wistia

+Look at video marketing platforms such as VidYard

+Find out what social media platforms to post on

+Discover what time of day to post the video

Here’s a great post we found online on How to properly launch your online videos

As you can see, being an expert is hard work. In order to create the video that your business desires, it requires a lot of work! As always, if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask the experts!

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