Sungard eFinance Plus

Sungard eFinance Plus

Whiteboard Animation

Sunward E-Finance Plus is a flexible finance and HR management platform designed to help K-12 schools run more efficiently. Their customers can be assured that E-finance plus products will benefit their schools, as the company already serves almost 1400 districts.

The Challenge

  • To convey how an e-financial platform can streamline the budgetary and HR needs in K-12 schools, allowing teachers to get back to the classroom.
  • Use visuals to show and explain how the company has K-12 schools in their best interest.

Revolution Production’s Role

  • Whiteboard animation was used to simplify the complex offerings of an e-finance company.
  • Creatives utilized a hand-drawn visual style to convey the company’s focus in the K-12 school system.
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