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Open Edge

Whiteboard Animation

OpenEdge’s Progress Software is the most reliable business application development platform. Used by big multinationals to the local small business, they all benefit from applications built on their platform and have been powering and staying up-to-date with leading technology for the past 30 years.

The Challenge

  • Establish a universal understanding of what OpenEdge’s Progess Software is and does.
  • Describe how OpenEdge’s Progress Software is all around us and is a big part of our lives from morning till night.
Revolution Production’s Role

  • Revolution Production used simple, understandable images to accompany the voice-over message such as a balance scale to signify the importance of considering each factor when purchasing new software.
  • This video also includes the creation of relatable events the targeted viewer such as calling a friend to discuss a Formula 1 racing team in action.
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