Cartoon Animation

Guitarbots is an online game that teaches users how to play guitar. It offers tutorials and exercises that train, challenge, and evaluate a user’s playing skills just like a real teacher.

The Challenge

  • To create an explanatory video that highlights the advantages of using the Guitarbots online service rather than or in addition to attending a class.
  • To target those who have considered learning guitar and encourage them to take the next step and use Guitarbots.
Revolution Production’s Role

  • Revolution Productions created an explainer video with a mix of live-action* and animation to closely target the brand’s market.
  • This animated web video emphasised how convenient and practical Guitarbots is as an all-inclusive tool for learning guitar.

*Please note that Revolution Productions does not specialize in producing live-action videos. If you require a live-shooting as a part of your animated video, please contact one of our account executives for more information.
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