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We at Revolution Productions used to be a startup ourselves, so we understand the challenges of being lean but still needing robust and engaging marketing content to cut through the noise and stand out from your competition. We partner our new creatives with exciting startups, allowing us to experiment with more fun and innovative ideas at a reduced cost. Our videos will help explain your product or idea and sell it to your audience, or even investors.



Revolution Production is a front-runner in digital creative video production agency, transforming blurry ideas and messages to impactful and mind satisfactory videos. We are committed to launching you into a success streak and helping you  communicate your message better and more effectively


Passing a  message or idea across to your target audience is not the end of the communication chain. There is a need to transform that message to pictorial messages which best captures the attention of your audience.

Strategic Video Consulting

Our team of animated video experts offer complete strategy consultations to identify exactly how a marketing video or internal communication video will best integrate into your existing video efforts. We work with you to identify which video style best suits your needs and we provide valuable insight into how to best utilize your online video content.

Creative Strategy

As a part of our creative storytelling services, we develop all visual and conceptual aspects of an animated video. During this phase, our team crafts an engaging storyline to explain your product or service, develops a unique design concept for your video, and designs captivating characters to tell your story

Video Production

Using the latest and most advanced technologies, our team provides professional animated video production services that deliver top results. During production, dedicated account managers utilize a step-by-step production process to merge, sync and transform all the individual elements into a final animation.

Video Hosting & Analytics

Founded on the idea of delivering videos that return measurable client results, Revolution Productions offers post-production video hosting and analytical services. Utilizing these services, you gain access to valuable data and insights into how your marketing videos are performing across multiple platforms

Our Process

Ideas are like caterpillars that need the right process of transmutation to transform into butterflies. Think of us as the cocoon that helps with that! You can sit back and rest easy knowing your vision is in good hands, while retaining full creative control. Our videos are the results of extensive research and creating them is a creative process enjoyed by all involved.

From Buenos Aires to Berlin to Barcelona to our home office in Houston, our team of international creatives and business people works as a cohesive unit, absorbing the philosophies of every client to best present the information they are entrusted with.


We have a team of innovative thinkers who believe that you deserve more than the status quo and are ready to go the extra length to make your content the cynosure of digital animation in the entertainment world.


We are the reference pillar with the magical touch in fulfilling your purpose and giving you maximum satisfaction in building brand awareness, augment digital presence and engagement, video production. We are the best link to help you pass your message to your audience with a guaranteed trust of reaching an unlimited audience.

Our Features

We have shown that experience plays a major role in achieving success with our various products all across the globe. However, we also believe that access is sustained by taking on new challenges, hence we are open to taking new challenges, task and creating exploits.


Our videos aren’t just fun to watch, they also meet and surpass industry standards and have won various awards.


Our voice-artists are sourced from around the globe to match your needs and wishes to a T. No accent, language or tonation is hard to find!


A dedicated account manager will be with you to answer questions and expedite efficiency every step of the way.

Customers reviews

Community Hero (NeedsGap) Thank you for your extraordinary work. We are really excited about the video!
It’s been a pleasure working with you.
Community Hero (NeedsGap) Thank you for your extraordinary work. We are really excited about the video! It's been a pleasure working with you.
Mike Rudicle
President and CEO
We are thrilled with it! Our HR department is very happy with it.
Ashley Harmon
Strategic marketing
We have shown the video to a number of people at Itron and the response has been very positive.
Stuart Wilkinson
Director of Services and Technology


Revolution Productions is a video agency that is committed to producing unparalleled purpose fulfilling videos as well as animated videos. We are also the worthy hand to trust for strategic consultation, hosting and analytical services, all of which are made available to give your content the magical touch.

We are strategic in our approach hence we take each work with total seriousness and planned mechanisms.

Our processes are broken down into the following processes:

1 Script Concept Development

  1. Design Development
  2. Storyboarding
  3. Voice-Over
  4. Production
  5. Hosting & Analytics

Measuring the success of an online video is subject to the efficiency of the marketing as well as other factors such as the content and the number of targeted audiences reached.

However, we recommend statistical method where mathematical figures are gotten. To achieve this we suggest using the number of views, engagement percentile, number of submission and feedback received.

Creating a definite goal  from the moment of starting out on a task creates the accurate sense of profits and losses. It is also pertinent that you are strategic about it to achieve the needed success.

Creating brand awareness and marketing content are top options to consider. Animation video is a powerful tool that drives home your message and increase profitability with a good shot at efficiency.

We are experts in our field. We also have specialists with vast experience gathered over the years to deliver the best to you. However, we major on three types of animation: Whiteboard animation, 2D&3D motion Graphics as well as Cartoon Animation.

Whiteboard Animation – This is our most re-known style which depicts a digitized human hand which ‘birth’ each animation.

2D &3D animation – These involves the use of objects that move at limited pace between the photographed frame, hence create an illusion of motion.

Cartoon Animation – It involves the use of character to pass the content message to the targeted audience.

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