Motion Graphic Animation

TydenBrooks is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of high security and tamper-evident seals and devices. As a company, they needed an online video that could visually explain how conventional seals could be broken and demonstrate the advantages, as well as the technology, behind their secure cable seals.

The Challenge

  • Produce a visually strong demonstration of exactly how cable seals work and the ways in which traditional seals could be tampered
  • Highlight TydenBrooks’ sophisticated technology and how it prevents tampering and increases security
Revolution Production’s Role

  • To effectively visualize how a cable seal is manufactured and to demonstrate how it functions, Revolution implemented a motion graphics video alongside a descriptive narrative
  • To highlight the effectiveness of TydenBrooks cable seals, scriptwriters implemented a comparison of each product that clearly pointed out the weakness of a conventional seal and the sophistication behind a TydenBrooks seal

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