Whiteboard Animation

LoanPlus CMS, a product from Spireon, combines the latest advancements in Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology to provide lenders access to a full suite of customizable tools for continuous real-time monitoring of assets as well as improved risk management for subprime auto loans.

The Challenge

  • Create a high impact whiteboard animated web video for Spireon’s new product line, LoanPlus, that shows the importance and benefits of a collateral management system.
  • Inform companies of this new offering and show how it can improve internal performance.

Revolution Production’s Role

  • Revolution Productions produced a highly targeted explanatory video highlighting the financial benefits of LoanPlus and what it means for a company.
  • Revolution Productions used hand-drawn whiteboard animation with a voiceover to easily organize all the benefits of the tool and explain them in a relatable way.
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