GFI Wireless Sentry

GFI Wireless Sentry

Motion Graphic Animation

GFI Wireless Sentry enables you to control your networks and see who and what is connecting to your network, how long they’ve been logged in, and how much bandwidth they are using.

The Challenge

  • To produce an informative online video to increase viewers’ awareness of the importance of having control of their networks in today’s risky digital age.
  • To explain their easy-to-use cloud-based platform and to create a strong desire for viewers to feel the need to ‘gain control of their network.’

Revolution Production’s Role

  • Revolution Productions produced an informative motion graphics video that made visitors aware of unwanted bandwidth sharing, Internet vulnerabilities, and security threats for businesses.
  • Revolution Productions demonstrated how knowledgeable the company is on digital networks to position them as a leader in the space.


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