Energy Saving LED

Energy Saving LED

Cartoon Animation

Energy saving LED is light bulb supplier that offers LED energy light bulbs for homes in the UK. Their product not only provides energy-efficient light bulbs that are recyclable, but also saves home energy costs.

The Challenge

  • To create an informative, animated online video to clarify the numerous benefits provided when people transition to using LED light bulbs for their home lighting.
  • To not saturate viewers with too much information and statistics about energy efficiency and light bulbs.
Revolution Production’s Role

  • Revolution Productions produced a cartoon style explainer video using an educative light bulb expert with a british accent, named Dr. Leddy. This light bulb character not only targeted viewers in the UK but also entertained them with attractive light bulb graphics.
  • By incorporating the color as green, Revolution Productions was able to reiterate the video’s tone on money saving and eco-friendly energy options with LED light bulbs.
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