26th April 2013

Video Advertisers Four Most Common Mistakes

The Top Four Ways Video Ads Go Wrong

Video ads are becoming more and more popular; however, advertisers are still making mistakes when it comes to promoting video ads. After investing a lot into web videos, the last thing a company wants are ads executed the wrong way. So, if you have your website video production all complete, make sure NOT to make these mistakes. You want viewers to see your ads, not automatically click off of them!

The Four Most Common Mistakes In Video Advertising

1. AutoPlay
There is nothing a viewer hates more than scrambling to find that pause button when they open a webpage. Advertisers must keep in mind that some viewers like to read text and maybe watch the video after, so don’t force the video on everyone. AutoPlay gets on people’s nerves, making them dislike the brand that has been shoved in their face. So please, turn that AutoPlay off!

2. Timing
Sometimes advertisers throw up video ads at any time of the day, which can be OK for certain brands. But putting up an ad for orange juice at 10pm might not have the best results as opposed to 10am. Advertisers must pay attention to the time slots they give their ads.

3. Strategy
Before launching into the video ad world, a concrete strategy is a must! All videos cannot be treated the same. Maybe you have an explainer video, customer testimonial video, etc. Some need to be 30 seconds, others one minute. Advertisers must be aware that different videos need different strategies.

4. Location of Video Ad
Side banner ads are sometimes really small and hard to view. Especially when there is text in the video ad, it is better to place it elsewhere so users can get the full impact. Side banner ads are rarely seen or clicked on, so it is usually not the best place for an ad.

If you take a look at other sites, their videos are featured front and center. For ads, this is not always the case, but it is important that they are not pushed to the side of a website, because viewers may not be able to see them. The whole point of making a video ad is to publicize your brand, so make sure users can clearly see and view your ad.

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