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How Video Storytelling is Changing & What it Means For Your Brand

Storytelling has always been an important part of an explainer video. Brands have mastered creating a story surrounding a product or offering and making sure that story is understandable throughout a video. The art of storytelling for company videos, however, is changing and consumers are beginning to expect something a bit different from brands. A…

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How to Master Video Marketing on LinkedIn

After creating a marketing video, most brands distribute their videos through YouTube, Facebook, or other paid media options. But what about LinkedIn? LinkedIn is one of the most important networks for B2B marketers. It boasts over 350 million registered users and sets itself apart with a more professional, business-savvy audience. However, most companies underutilize the…

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Amanda Subler Breaks Down How Beginners Can Approach Video Marketing

Video is an incredibly useful tool in the marketing game, and it’s no surprise that not every company knows how to use this tool to its full potential. Many companies find themselves in deeply unchartered waters when they begin using video. That’s why we talked to Amanda Subler, Public Relations & Media Manager for Content…

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Sales funnel

How to Create Explainer Videos Aligned with the Sales Funnel

No matter if your company is B2B or B2C, you probably have some sort of sales funnel set up to push a prospect down to becoming a client. Depending on your company, your sales funnel could be more or less complicated, but the basic idea is the same: Take an unknown person who could use…

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How To Brainstorm Productively For Your Company Video

When you brainstorm video ideas for your brand, many may think that it solely comes down to presenting the most creative, original storyline. This method of thinking will likely lead to brainstorming sessions focusing on story and little else. But, in truth, the video’s storyline should be the last aspect to come together in your…

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7 Experts Weigh In On The 2016 Video Marketing Landscape

As we arrive at each new year, the technological landscape for video marketing advances, and we, as video marketers, must adapt in tandem. Part of the process of acclimating in a timely fashion is assessing the popularity and ubiquity of the video technologies and platforms and forecasting what will become of them in the coming…

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3 Strategies for Making a Healthcare Company Video

In today’s world, digital communication has become an essential part of a company’s growth — even in the healthcare field. It’s now common for consumers to seek medical and health information online. Pew Research Center reports that 72% of Internet users searched for health information online within the past year.     There is an ever-growing…

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how video helps internal communications

How Can Video Help Internal Communications

Human Resource departments constantly strive to find new ways to improve internal communications. As a company grows, offices expand to new cities and new countries, making internal communication more and more of a challenge. And now that more employees work remotely, traditional internal communication strategies are no longer relevant. One way to keep internal communication…

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3 Key Email Marketing Tactics That Include Video

In a recent study by GetResponse of nearly one billion emails, those containing video had a whopping 96% higher click-through rate than those without video. Video is powerful and memorable, so why aren’t more marketers including it in their email marketing campaigns? It’s no secret video and email can be difficult to combine, which is…

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A Happy Holiday Video from Revolution Productions

From all of us here at Revolution Productions, we want to wish you a very happy holiday season! No matter where you are or how you celebrate, we hope you enjoy the holidays with family and friends.   Cheers to a wonderful 2016!  

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